Website Alignment
Line Østergaard
Author: Line Østergaard
On July 31, 2019

The Case

Amplitude is a French company specializing in surgical orthopedic implants. Founded in 1997 and present in 30 countries, Amplitude provides services and high-quality clinical products to a global market. Due to its fast market growth, the company is a leading player in the industry, chosen by renowned surgeons. 

We worked marketing management side by side with Amplitude to facilitate the project in multiple phases, in a six-month term. Our focus was to update and relaunch the Amplitude subsidiary’s website in Australia. 

To develop this project, we divided it into two phases: 

  • Phase I – Interview & Content Audit;
  • Phase II – Content review, implementation, and launch 


  • Develop the new site for Amplitude Australia and put it online in partnership with the agency in charge. 


  • Specify the scope of the new site;
  • Catalog all content, such as text, images, and videos;
  • Provide management of different stakeholders; 
  • Creation, review and content approval;
  • Implementation and tests.


The website was delivered and is now online as described in the project goal, but due to unexpected issues from various parts, a six-month delay occurred, resulting in the new website launch in one year. As a result of this project, we have:  

  • The ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances; 
  • Follow up with the responsible teams until the moment of the launch;
  • The know-how to make the content more refined and customized by updating that which had become obsolete on the previous site.