Creation and strengthening of LinkedIn presence and content for the US company
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Line Østergaard
Author: Line Østergaard
On December 5, 2017

OrthoPediatrics was founded in 2006 to focus on the field of orthopedic implants for children. OrthoPediatrics needed to expand its presence in Linkedin with a career page and a showcase page (products). For 2 months, we’ve crafted a strategy for the new pages and implemented them on the existing LinkedIn website.

Negotiation with LinkedIN

The company was small and wanted to evolve. Mandorla has been called to help strengthen LinkedIn presence by creating a career page and showcase.

Soon, Mandorla contacted LinkedIn, and after a great conversation, discovered the best value for money options and negotiated with them. After the negotiation, he passed the proposal to OrthoPediatrics.

Conceptualization and implementation of pages

With a modern look, flashy and with a great concept, there was a strategic implementation and impact on the LinkedIn page that, through the visual, attracted attention and increased presence in the social network.

Creation of content for post-release

A strategic and vast content was generated for OrthoPediatrics LinkedIn, which allows the client to engage in other areas, since the result occurred in a positive way. In addition to saving considerable time, they had a series of contents ready to use on LinkedIn.

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