Creating and growing digital presence for small start-up
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Line Østergaard
Author: Line Østergaard
On December 20, 2017

Angela Moreira, having a full schedule and little intimacy with the digital world, asked Mandorla to create an online presence (as a Yoga teacher) from zero to reach a greater number of students. With the services of Strategic Planning, Digital Understanding (coaching), Social Media and Communication Support in everyday life, Angela kept the focus on classes, while our team took care of everything else. The project contained two parts: Brand Creation & Visual Identity; Social Media Management (Facebook & Instagram).

  • Content & Coaching: We launched Facebook Page Angeluz Yoga, to reach strategic points of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói. Doing content research, creating templates, publicizing in interest groups and directing the client in videos production. Accompanying the insights to adapt the content of greater interest of the audience, thus generating higher engagement. On Instagram, following the new visual identity, templates, animations, selection of specific hashtags in Portuguese and English were made, as well as starting to use unique hashtags such as #angeluzyoga #yogahormonal.
  • Visual Identity: Accompanying the yoga classes and workshops, with template and language of posts obeying the Angeluz Yoga “persona”. We applied all the knowledge and developed an effective method to meet and improve all type of visual material. We used this information to make the “brand” very powerful and interesting.
  • Unexpected Successes: Clients who run away from traditional standard help to prove the effectiveness of the service offered by the company, convincing potential consumers that are undecided. Clients that run away from traditional helps to prove the efficiency of the services offered by the company, convincing new consumers that are on the fence.

“The Mandorla team is doing amazing. I’m really impressed and need to find out how I can keep you  helping? me. It really makes a difference” Says Angela Moreira, CEO AngeLuzYoga


Our goal was to increase the possibility of getting more students and spaces for class. Increase likes, followers, and generate leads. In 6 months Instagram got 1000 followers and Facebook got 2145 likes.

The singular greatest engagement was generated by a video on Facebook and animation on Instagram. Following the internet trend of moving images, growing each year. We are happy to prove that digital marketing makes the difference and conquers new horizons by switching the path of your business!

Saving Angela’s time and keeping her channels always up-to-date with quick response to the public. The client also received weekly coaching on introducing the best marketing practices for each channel and all support for her transformation and digital understanding in the tools used by the team.

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