Analysis in Digital Initiatives for Emerging Markets
Line Østergaard
Author: Line Østergaard
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Team Mandorla
On July 12, 2019

The Case

Takeda is a global pharmaceutical company focused on the patient and motivated by innovation. They’ve been on the market for 235 years. The project was developed for teams in Latin America, the Middle East and Pacific Asia. 

Our work was to put all the collected information in order, ensuring a detailed and oriented vision in a dashboard for the digital leading and IT teams work together and create an easy project visualization. 

For this, we lead together with Emerging Markets Digital Acceleration team, the following steps: 

  • Data Analysis;
  • PPT update, email and strategic plans;
  • Update and review of infographic information;
  • Mentoring.


  • Categorize and organize more than 4,000 data.


  • Review and analysis of more than 1,000 content pages, between business plans, notes, platforms, etc;
  • Inserting information in inventory to ensure the digital initiatives can make their plan for the next year;
  • Ensure visualization and easy adaption in all regions.


In a month and a half, the project was closed with success, and we developed an easy visualization dashboard, with the initiatives in each region, team and medical areas. 

We developed four graphics that approach the area relation and the following sections:

  • Technological product related to the medicine area;
  • Go To Market related to the medicine area;
  • Stakeholders related to the medicine area;
  • Brands related to acting countries.

In the dashboard, the different teams were able to carry out their work and study the next strategies. In addition, it was possible to explore which digital initiative was the most impactful in each region where the company operates.