At Mandorla, we strive to find the best solution for you and your company. With our global and local experiences, we combine and transform the best ideas and insights from each country into innovative solutions. This section gives you an overview of our core services. We also do much more than listed below so don't hesitate to contact us at and let's have a talk about your wishes and needs.


Digital Strategy
A good strategy is essential for any kind of work. Along with you, we create a Digital Roadmap that serves as a strategic marketing guide for you and your company.  

Digital Project Management
Many companies are using digital marketing at a higher level, but when it comes to executing a project that implements a strategy, they stagnate or simply don't have digital as an essential skill. That's where Mandorla can help! We are specialized in execute digital projects and use our +15 year experience to ensure your results are placid.

Digital Knowledge
Mandorla is specialized in bringing knowledge from the world to Brazil and from Brazil to the world, presenting what is best for whom or where it is needed, such as research and studies; lectures about Tech Health/Health in Brazil; facilitating specific analytic projects for companies looking to enter the brazilian marketing and for the ones looking to expand its market beyond Brazil.


Brand Acoustics

Brand Acoustics is an American based marketing and communication firm, specializing in providing integrated solutions and service to the broader healthcare industry. The company complements us really well, and has excellent experience in building brand reputations and creating business value, using  new and emerging digital channels. Brand Acoustics works with us on bigger clients and when needing local presence in the America.

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Logo of our client Dream Learn Work

is a non-profit organization that offer young Brazilians from less developed areas a chance for a better future through education and training. They contribute to meet Mandorlas recruitment needs for qualified talents.

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