RD SUMMIT: Impressions from the biggest marketing event in Latin America!

This month Mandorla participated in the RD Summit in Florianopolis, Brazil. One recurrent theme of the Summit was how to improve your inbound marketing. The CEO from Agencia Mestre, Fabio Ricotta, gave good examples on how to create a relevant strategy for successful inbound marketing. Sharing two of the cases that he worked on, he gave a good path for new marketers to follow. One of them was how to transform organic traffic into conversions. “Traffic doesn’t necessarily mean conversion” he pointed out. The answer, according to Fabio, was to focus on efficiency. In one year the number of clients more than doubled.

Another theme of great relevance was how to use neuroscience when doing digital marketing campaigns. How the power of good storytelling can influence consumers directly when buying products. Analyzing marketing behaviours by using neuroscience is a trend and it can be very relevant to the healthcare industry specifically when it comes to chatbots and AI. The combination of greater focus on neuroscience allows the technology to work better as the bots better understand our thoughts and wishes, thus improving their ‘’skills” to serve us better.

Digital marketing is constantly transforming and the Summit confirmed that you need to stay on the ball to keep up! The best way to keep your business growing is to REGULARLY find time in your schedule to study and learn NEW things. Keeping up with trends and connecting with relevant people make the difference.

That was the Summit spirit and how we felt after three intensive days!

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