Meet Mr. Washington – Our Marketing & Event Assistant
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Line Østergaard
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Team Mandorla
On March 17, 2016

We can proudly say that another new member just joined the Mandorla family! The new talent is George, a young creative man with great ideas! George will mainly be in charge of LinkedIn & Google Plus in our social media department, contribute with ideas and be planning of future events.

What is your job at Mandorla?

My name is George Washington Barbosa de Jesus, 22-years-old, and I just started in Mandorla, 1st of March. As the first Marketing & Events Assistant, I have a mission to present new ideas, improve the communication flow in several areas.  I’ll also be responsible for Mandorla’s LinkedIn and Google family – thus becoming the in-house expert for our clients in these channels.. It’s all very new to me, and I love this new experience and opportunity that I’m given!

What social network do you think is the most important in Brazil?

Facebook, not that I think the most important, but it’s the most used. Whether its longstanding friends or new friends, it’s a platform that is used to share your day-to-day thoughts and to share one’s work as well. In Digital Marketing each social network has its’ importance!

What are the best things in Rio de Janeiro?

The best thing in Rio De Janeiro is the wonderful city itself. I like going to the beach, Rio has the most beautiful beaches, I love listening to music like R&B and Hip Hop. Luckily Rio doesn’t lack of places that offer this, for example there’s Pedra do Sal for samba, Viaducto da Madureira, and many other places. I also like to ride my bike around the many city routes with my brother and my sister-in-law, I must admit, that I am an amateur compared to them!

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Tijuca, with my many siblings, we lived most of our childhood there until the beginning of my adolescence. After some time most of my family decided to return to Araruama, the hometown of my mother, but my brother, Eduardo, decided to stay in Rio. I lived for 4,5 years in Araruama, and in 2009 spent a “vacation” in Rio, at my grandmother, actually the same place that I grew up. I went to the beach with Eduardo, we talked and he had the idea of bringing me to live with him, and so it was … In 2010 I came back to live in Rio, only this time in Santa Teresa with Eduardo, and here we are today. Together we created a silk-screen printing  company called Serigrafarte.

How do you think that marketing will be in 10 years?

I think it will be very different! Just like the changes in marketing 15 years ago till today. There have been major changes, such as the Internet, with social media, websites, etc. but anyway … I think that we’ll see more defined and technological use in the area of marketing.

The future will reinvent the way the system currently works, and perhaps 90% of what exists now will not work in 10 years.

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