Marketing on special dates – an opportunity!
Line Østergaard
Author: Line Østergaard
On March 12, 2019

Important dates are special occasions, that can help strengthen your brand.

These dates can be of great help to create a boost in engagement, increase relationship with your target audience and reinforce brand presence. But, is it always effective to piggy back ride on these dates and which digital marketing actions you should invest?

Before thinking in any strategy, start mapping the special dates and tagging the ones relevant to your brand and that somehow identify with your product or service. For example, if you have a women clothing store, it makes less sense creating a Father’s Day campaign, since men aren’t your target audience. It probably won’t bring the expected results unless you in the construction of your campaign consider this and always keep your target audience in mind . By identifying the dates that can be good for your business, plan your actions in order to explore all the existing possibilities.  

Once you have chosen your key dates, pay attention to #MandorlaTips for your marketing actions become a success:

  1. Planning is everything: In business terms, a special date begins 45, 60, even 90 days BEFORE its celebration. This is the time when people start to search for a subject and prepare for buying a gift or close deal with a traveling agency. Therefore, planning and scheduling your campaign in advance is crucial for reaching your goal and prepare your target to engage in the proposed action.  
  2. Get to know your audience: Special strategies only work if it matches your client’s profile, likes, and behavior; so it’s important to know for whom you’re making the campaign. Besides that, for some dates, ALL brands prepare a special material, which increases the competition for attention. It is worth investing in specific dates and at the same time, convenient for your target’s profile.
  3. Build relationships: It isn’t always needed to sell your product on special dates. Often, it’s an opportunity to strengthen the ties and increase engagement with your audience, reinforcing the contact and making memorable moments with your brand increasing the likelihood for them, in the future, choosing to buy your product.
  4. Determine the best channels or media: It’s obvious but nonetheless important to reflect upon. Each channel has its own particularity and often, they complement each other. When constructing your campaign it’s important to diversify your investment to increase the potential of your campaign.
  5. Find niche areas: If you want to be in the spotlight for special dates, you need to think out of the box! These dates can be used to create and spread products/services in new niches. At specific times of the year, it’s common for the consumer to behave typically. In summer, for example, sunscreen sales increase. However, the season is also a good time to sell trips, natural products, and clothing. Explore the different context and situations people are also likely to buy your product or service, this way you’ll increase your potential customer’s list and convert more leads.  

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