Make your campaign a big success!
Line Østergaard
Author: Line Østergaard
On February 18, 2019

When preparing a digital marketing campaign, there is a tendency to search for successful cases and follow some steps to make your own campaign a success.

We love to follow new digital campaigns, however with a lot of campaigns we can observe that most of them “only” have one level, like numerous Instagram photos campaigns. To increase your engagement with your audience and keep them related to the brand, we share some of some tips on how you can prolong the engagement:

1- Know your target audience well: only with an assertive knowledge to which audience you want to achieve with your campaign you will be able to find the best channel to do your campaign, being Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or others.

2- Look for relatable themes: hot themes or subjects that are timeless are always a good strategy to engage with the audience. A good example was Heineken campaign that was about social relations.

3- Humor: just like Doralgina campaign with a brazilian comedian, using humor is always a good way to entertain and get the audience attention.

4- Interact with the audience: another way to make a successful campaign is to create a way for the audience to repost and share or even to call attention that will draw traffic to your campaign.

Besides these tips, our CEO has given an advice on how to add game mentality into a digital marketing campaign. Watch the video:

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