Learning from experts gives us more confidence!

One of our main projects at Mandorla is our Talent Incubator. Here we give opportunities to young talents to develop their professional skills, besides teaching them new ones. Late 2018we decided to take the best talents from the team to the RD Summit, the largest Marketing event in Latin America. The result was a lot of new things learned and a unique experience. We asked Carol, one of our talents, to share how her experience was.

One of the things that impressed me the most at RD Summit was the whole experience, how much we learned and also our co-existence as a team. RD Summit is huge with more than 10.000 participants and more than 150 lectures. There were multiple numbers of lectures, one more interesting than the other.  For us to capture the most of it we had to work as a team, so we would get together every day before the event starts to share our agendas with each other.

Traveling to Florianópolis to the RD Summit wasn’t my first experience traveling with work, but it was the one that made the biggest impression. Even though I have traveled before for work, I have never traveled with the purpose to learn and grow as a professional.

It was three intensive days with lectures all day and despite feeling without energy at the end of the day, I wished I had a twin to see the lectures that were happening at the same time as the ones that I decided to participate in. This desire for knowledge on marketing and social media which I deal with every day has inspired and motivated me so much during and after the event.

To be in the same environment as people that has similar trajectories as you and that has grown to show us that the path we are on is worth it. Sometimes we get blind when we are concentrated on our daily activities and at work that we forget why we are doing this and what we want to achieve. Even at Mandorla where we have a lot of flexibility and even study days, this focus can be temporarily lost.

It’s was amazing to experience how the speakers are like us, they work, they are entrepreneurs, they learn and implement new things every day. Besides learning something new about our field of work, I learned from those that put into practice, this way I don’t second guess myself on decisions when it comes to new tendencies like data that most influential people on social media, how to optimize content production and how to write properly for your audience. This expertise where tested and proved, giving us security. We still have the opportunity to get to know the best companies on the market and share ideas about marketing in a friendly and fluent way.

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