Keep learning and recycling can do wonders for your business!
Line Østergaard
Author: Line Østergaard
On November 30, 2018

The process of learning is something we are not supposed to stop during our lives, our brain needs to keep being stimulated in order to work better, and also, updating, in a way recycling, what we already know is always a good idea to stay on top of things. So why do people think that when they reach success in their business they can stop learning? Is it because they got lazy over the years or is it simply because they can’t find time in their busy lives to learn new things?

We have become busier over the years, or at least we think we have. Technology can be seen as one of the reasons for this feeling of being busy all the time. It is a challenge to separate time of work, from personal time so keeping up with learning get postponed to later! This is a great mistake when you work with Digital Marketing.

We love these 7 hypotheses, by Sloww Living 101 for why we are so busy today:

  1. Busyness as a badge of honour and trendy status symbol — or the glorification of busy — to show our importance, value, or self-worth in our fast-paced society
  2. Busyness as job security — an outward sign of productivity and company loyalty
  3. Busyness as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) — spending is shifting from buying things (“have it all”) to experiences (“do it all”), packing our calendars (and social media feeds with the “highlight reel of life”)
  4. Busyness as a byproduct of the digital age — our 24/7 connected culture is blurring the line between life and work; promoting multitasking and never turning “off”
  5. Busyness as a time filler — in the age of abundance of choice, we have infinite ways to fill time (online and off) instead of leaving idle moments as restorative white space
  6. Busyness as a necessity — working multiple jobs to make ends meet while also caring for children at home
  7. Busyness as escapism — from idleness and slowing down to face the tough questions in life (e.g. Maybe past emotional pain or deep questions like, “What is the meaning of life?” or “What is my purpose?”)

Ref. Sloww Living 101


Why? The digital marketing market is constantly changing and renewing. It follows the rapid change in technology. It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t fit our busy schedule. It has breakthroughs and moves on.

The rapid growth is also happening in the healthcare industry. If we look at trends for 2019, we will see some important changes, like the improvement of chatbots, since huge investment and steps are being taken on this direction; better collect and use of data; and further expansion on Digital Mental Health.

So while it seems obvious keeping up with your ONGOING learning is crucial! Learning can be done in so many different ways. Be creative about how you implement learning in your day: Read news on a certain topic, listen to a good podcast on your way to work or the gym, subscribe to a good youtube channel and watch it while you prepare dinner. The important thing is to find that time for you to LEARN. It satisfies you personally and it can be great for business.

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