Innovative Nivea Kid-Tracker Ad Makes Trips to the Beach more Relaxing and Safe
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Line Østergaard
Author: Line Østergaard
On December 4, 2014

As a parent visiting crowded beaches such as Ipanema or Copacabana you will know that sunburn is never your only concern. With a myriad of people lying and walking around, keeping a constant eye on your kids or nieces can prove quite a challenge.

In 2013 Nivea wanted to do something special for their 100 anniversary of the brand. Therefore, Nivea Sun Kids and agency FCB Brazil came up with an innovative digital campaign for the Brazilian market that combines both offline and online presence, so they came up with the Nivea Kid-Tracker.

The Campaign

The “Protection Ad campaign” was centered on an app that built upon Nivea’s print ads that reinforce the product’s main attribute: Protection from the Sun. However Nivea wanted to extend its protection messaging to another key concern: Children getting lost on the beach, and so the Nivea Kid-Tracker campaign started..

The magazine ad contained a strip that could be torn out and used as a bracelet. In the ad you then could follow a link to Nivea’s smartphone app “NIVEAProtege”. From here you would simply pair the app with the bracelet, and it would send you an alert if your loved ones would stray beyond whatever pre-set boundary you would had selected.

The ad was printed in one issue of the magazine “Veja” (approx. 3000 subscribers). In its first day, the ad had over 1000 downloads, and today in 2014 the app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times (platforms iOS and Android).

While the campaign leveraged both online and offline communication, the campaign did not have any extensive social communication strategy. The tools used to engage the social community during the campaign consisted of postings on the brand page, videos on Nivea’s YouTube and a post on the agency’s Facebook page.

This decision about how to balance offline/online communication was made based on considerations that in Brazil the magazine is the best media to talk to people who are going to the beach. This is because the audience typically carry a magazine to read while in the sun, and since the phone today is an extension of our body we take it anywhere. So by choosing the best channels Nivea managed to make the experience natural and a seamless way to deliver the necessary service to parents; avoiding my kid gets lost.

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The geeky details

The wristband technology was based on Interestingly, when talking to FCB Brazil, Mandorla found out that the agency had to find a location technology small enough to be embedded in a magazine with an available SDK or APP for development and customisation of an APA with the best experience. The agency had to go through various research processes to find out which technology (Bluetooth LE etc.) would pose as the best fit, and they even considered producing it themselves in China or Brazil. Finally the conclusion of the research was that Stick & Find had the best fit and provided all the support needed to realise the project. The “NiveaProtege” app was developed for both Apple and Android. If you like to take a look at the app is still available in iTunes and Google Play.


Unfortunately, the company was not willing to share the cost of the wristband production, as this is confidential information. However, what the FCB team did share was that the most expensive part of the campaign was not the development of APP but actually the import and clearance costs. The agency tried to produce the chip and bracelet in Brazil to lower the cost, but the technology was not yet widely available.

FCB Brazil has been so kind to share key insights into the planning of the campaign. According to them, if you are considering doing something similar for your organisation or company, you should consider the following items in your budgeting:

  • Hours of your agency
  • Production of APP
  • Media magazine
  • Special paper (water and tear proof)
  • Handling of magazine
  • The purchase / import / clearance and customisation of the chip
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