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Just like Doralgina campaign, Benegrip Multi was also very successful that used social media smartly to reach the customers. The Benegrip Multi campaign focused on an important issue for most parents: how to give medicine to their children.

The idea of the campaign was to better engage Benegrip Multi consumers with a digital campaign after a round table with moms, a completely offline campaign, said Marcelo.   

Based on this issue, a 100% digital campaign was created, anticipating that this would be the best way to reach the consumer. The main goal was to increase engagement with the audience. With research made live on Youtube with three different endings for each story to see which one would reach most people at the lowest cost. Besides creating content for Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram to engage even more the modern consumer.

The result was a total success. Almost 20 million views on Youtube, an increase in brand recognition of 29%, more than 26 million visualizations and a large engagement with influencers. The campaign was so successful that it went from digital to offline receiving a great review on Millward Brown.    

With a consistent campaign and good interaction with the audience, sales also increased. Going from digital to offline made engagement and recognition evident. Both strategies combined surpassed expectations. Once more a digital campaign that was spot on and used the right social media channels to achieve a better results.  

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