How To Boost Offline Engagement
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Line Østergaard
Author: Line Østergaard
On May 29, 2015

Social media is a huge part of our everyday lives. Some people spend hours daily on channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but the average people will ONLY use one or two hours per day.

So what about all these “offline” hours? How do you engage your customers if they use less than 10% of their time online? Are you all settled? If not, here are some tips to consider!

It’s not unusual for companies to invest in their marketing budget in events and public advertisement. Promoting your digital pages outside social networks will not only benefit online engagement but also increase brand awareness. Here are some inexpensive tips that we recommend you to do:

  • Business cards and flyers with printed social media channels and QR-codes provide shortcuts to your online assets.
  • Stickers with the social network logo, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Create offline events, where you encourage your customers to attend!
  • Take photos of the offline world and post them to your online community. Including your audience during your workday will give customers an exclusive view of you as a person, and will boost your offline engagement!

These are all beneficial investments for your social presence.

Leave a mark!

Your business cards should be thrown around. Think strategically like leaving your business card with the tip of a restaurant. Go to the library and find books related to your business, that potential customers might lend, and put some cards in them. If you’re handing out your business cards in person always remember to refer to your social media channels.

Stickers are fun and spontaneous! Attach stickers around the city, where potential customers might pass by. For instance, your company sells bicycles, get those stickers around the city’s bike lanes, outdoor areas, put stickers on the saddles of parked bicycles, maybe even at bus stops. A simplified sticker with the brand logo, and “find out more” is really all you need to draw attention. Remember you only need to stimulate curiosity!

Offline face-to-face events

Events are great for your current fan base, and they might bring their friends along, which could increase your word of mouth marketing. Create the event on Facebook or tweet out details. All that matters is your event and it’s recognition. Facebook’s social features are a great place for interacting and building relationships with customers in unprecedented ways. An event created on Facebook could have a coupon code, which a customer would need to redeem at the event. Don’t forget to share!

Take photos at your event, and drag these real-time moments of your business onto the social networks. Your customers love to see your personal side and how you’re just like them. Interaction on a more down-to-earth level will boost your popularity and increase your online engagement as well.

Even with a small budget, it’s possible! Imagine if your company only decides to invest in stickers, then you’ll be able to turn the whole thing into a campaign, where people would need to take a photo, upload it to their social network with a hashtag of your company name. No matter what you’ll do, you’ll increase your brand awareness, reach potential customers, and get more online engagement.

Nivea’s Kid-Tracker Ad Campaign

An example of a great offline campaign which was centred on an app that built upon Nivea’s print ads that reinforce the product’s main attribute: Protection from the Sun. However, Nivea wanted to extend its protection messaging to another key concern: Children getting lost on the beach. Check out our blog post of “Nivea’s Kid-Tracker Ad Campaign”


KLM is prioritizing customer service

The social media campaign #HappyToHelp is a service for KLM-travelers, but also non-KLM-travelers. KLM-staff would arrange wake-up calls, pick up forgotten passports at home, pick up delayed travellers in a KLM-car. Helping customers as well as non-customers is a great way to show KLM’s quality of service. Wouldn’t you remember the airline company, which helped you skip traffic with a speed boat on the Hudson River? Check out their promo video here:


So, do you now feel eager to show the world your company’s services, ideas, products? Hopefully, you got inspired by either our tips or by Nivea’s and KLM’s campaigns. Even with a tight budget, it’s possible to blow your customers away with small surprises and top service. But remember to keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

So, let’s get started? #Let’s-Boost-Offline-Engagement

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