Healthcare startups are mainly in the South of Brazil!

Last year we made a general overview of Brazilian tech-health companies. Now we’re proud to present the second version of this research and present the tech-health landscape in greater detail.

Multiple startups were created in healthcare from 2015 to 2017, especially in 2016, when there was a huge uptick in growth in the sector. We believe that this growth can be associated with a desire to find alternative solutions as a consequence of the financial crisis in Brazil.

Regarding location, we see a large concentration in the Southeast, most of them in São Paulo. There are also some companies in Minas Gerais and in the south of Brazil. This shows that technology in Brazil can still be directly associated with income concentration together with areas which historically have a higher focus on business.

As for the target audience of these companies, they are pretty much divided equally between doctors and patients. There is a considerable number of companies that serve both sectors. Specifically for doctors, a large number of companies are focused on hospital solutions, software for scheduling appointments and/or exams.

The companies that focus on solutions for patients are mostly apps or websites to find doctors or alternative treatments to chronic diseases. Most of the companies are still classified as micro companies and in constant development.  

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Interested to know more about tech health companies? Take a look at our overview. If you know companies that are not here, share with us and help us increase knowledge about Brazil’s healthcare companies!  

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