Content and creativity, do they walk hand in hand?
Line Østergaard
Author: Line Østergaard
On June 17, 2019

We will start by saying that the answer is YES. For any kind of content creation, the starting point is being creative and then organize this creativity in the most suitable format.

It doesn’t matter if you are a person or a company. Being creative is not like climbing Mount Everest, we are creative all the time without perceiving or thinking about it. For example, before you post a photo on your social media channels, you start to wonder about a great caption, right? Well, this is your brain working creatively.

Today, the challenge is making a remarkable difference when it comes to content creation. As technology advances and social media grows, lots of people create new content every second and one question keeps popping up: how to go beyond and stand out in a crowd? It looks like that famous British game ‘’Where is Wally?’

There are some main points to consider in your creation process, like planning, organization and target audience knowledge but the one point that will make you stand and get closer to the front line is innovation. So, go ahead and innovate! Social media channels often innovate, new features are being launched every minute, stay on it like a hawk!

Explore, test and use every feature your social channels have, like questions, polls, and gifs on Instagram. Something that always works on the internet is trending and new topics, try to relate what is happening to your brands, like funny stuff, holidays or trending news. This type of content not only involves your existing audience but also show your business to your potential audience.

Innovation and authenticity are the keywords for you to excel in content marketing.  Get started and, be creative! And remember, don’t use your creativity JUST to create cool captions or unique phrases, but also to create content that attracts and converts.

Your creativity + social media creativity = success!

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