Boost your productivity by going 100% virtual!
Line Østergaard
Author: Line Østergaard
On October 26, 2018

Since Mandorla was founded in 2014, our mission has been to create a company where the team and partners could work together, independent of location and time-zone. A Virtual Office. Gradually, moving towards this goal we managed to go 100% virtual at the beginning of 2018. With 1 year experience, we decided to share our learnings on how to make a virtual office environment work.

Focus on output, not the location

Studies have shown that people can be up to 80% more productive when working off-site or when they work virtually. They boost productivity simply because they are able to focus without distractions. With technology all around us, it’s not hard to find a cosy, quiet place, with good coffee and wifi to connect.

“I’ve always been able to focus when I’m at a cafe. My mind simply works better when I’m surrounded by people talking and doing different things, so much better than in a quiet space.” Said Patricia Vasconcellos, Content Specialist at Mandorla.


Look at different work hours is a +, not a –

The freedom that comes with virtual office allows for flexible hours, they don’t have to be the same every day, like a traditional workday. You naturally need to align with your clients, partners and team members, but the rest of your hours can be more flexible. Some people already know that they work best early mornings or even during the evening, the virtual office can solve these problems! However, your team needs to have good disciplinary and communication skills to be successful within a virtual office.

“Besides my job I have a dream to become a professional cyclist, to realize that I need to have an extremely flexible routine. The 100% virtual office allows me to realize my two dreams Mandorla and cyclist without losing time on commuting” Said Line Østergaard, CEO at Mandorla.


Be organized, plan ahead and gain productivity

With no regular workspace, it is fundamental to be very well organized. You should be able to plan your working days ahead and be prepared when obstacles come along, like the internet not working at the cafe you are staying or planning ahead the time you spend on dislocation. Also, have good concentration and not get distracted by everything that happens around you. Having different working environments can be great, but, focus to fit your schedule for the day has to be the priority.

“I’m able to better plan and organize my day. In the end, I noticed that this made me at least 40% more efficient when we went 100% virtual” shared Carolina Regina, Social Media Specialist at Mandorla


Daily communication is key

Creating a great team spirit can be challenging when you are not physically together. Without a regular workspace, we are trying to think and create ways to share responsibility and represent the company. Being on social channels or going to conferences. When you have a workspace, your team is always around you, but, when you go 100% virtual, you must find the time to meet and share where you are with your work – we do that by having a virtual office on Skype, a group chat on WhatsApp and generally talking on a high frequency with each other.

Despite some challenges getting to the 100% virtual office, we believe this is the best way to work and it’s a model that is conducive to the younger generations in the workforce. A workforce that focuses on how they can realize their life dream and don’t let things like a physical parameter limit that.


Do you believe in 100% virtual office? Share your opinion with us!

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