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Marketing campaigns are becoming more digital every day and even more successful in reaching the target audience by using the right channel.

Last month we interviewed Marcelo Martins, Marketing Manager of OTC at Brazil’s biggest pharmaceutical company. He shared with us some of his experiences with releasing successful campaigns using social media. One of his most prestigious campaigns was Doralgina. Here we share the history of the campaign and its real impact.

The Doralgina campaign started in 2014 when the brand decided to go digital via Youtube. The first video that they made and shared was a parody of the famous song “Everyone on their square” (Cada um no seu quadrado), showing headaches from modern times, all associated with digital. For instance, an inappropriate photo shared on a family group on Whatsapp or making a joke about your boss and coping him by mistake on the email.

The campaign was a great success, more than 1 million views in one week on Youtube, one of the most viewed in December 2014, according to Youtube leaderboard, getting importance amongst other big brands. In addition the video became news on different websites, like Exame and Propmark, among others. The success is related to the fact that besides being inspired by a viral song and use humor to do so, people identify and share this content.

With the Youtube video and news about the campaign, people start talking about Doralgina on their social media, which generated spontaneous media and increased digital presence. The combination of humor, a current theme, and identification from the user made Doralgina’s digital campaign a great success.

Following the previous success, a second campaign was made in 2015, with the goal to have even more impact than the first one. The video “Namoro x Whats” (Dating x Whats) with a special appearance of a Brazilian famous comedian Sergio Mallandro, the video is a prank with 4 couples that agreed to participate. Besides calling attention to a frequent theme among couples, the constant use of Whatsapp and curiosity, the video shows metaphorically that this kind of headaches also needs a cure. The result? Another success. More than 22 million viewers, 40% organic. More than 19 million views on Facebook, 70 thousand comments and 206 shares, being again on the top of Youtube leaderboard.

The last Doralgina campaign, like the preview one, had Sergio Mallandro participation, only this time it was a Holiday theme campaign, about secret Santa at the workplace, “Amigo Indiscreto”. This one also exceeded the expectations with more than 15 million viewers and 13 million only on Facebook. During the campaign, the company site had more than 66 thousand visits. This shows how organic traffic during a campaign works well when planned accordingly.

Success on digital campaigns comes with having a good understanding of the best channel to do the campaign and to reach the target audience. According to Marcelo, this was one of his most successful campaigns and for us at Mandorla see this as a good and inspirational example of a company that understood the power of social media and used it beautifully. It is an example to be followed.

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