Be authentic to deliver in 2019!
Line Østergaard
Author: Line Østergaard
On December 20, 2018

Henry Anderson, the owner of Brand Acoustics, shared with us his view on how digital marketing is developing in US healthcare, how the market is changing, his tips, and what he expects to see in 2019.

In the US the costs of care are growing exponentially and the tendency for 2019 is further growth. As a consequence, there is pressure from the civil society to lower the prices of medication and improve the quality of care.

Going into 2019, it would be amazing to see the healthcare industry take a step above and understand that each patient has their own histories. Bots, gadgets, AI in general, have to keep on developing to really prove their value. The algorithms behind have to get better so people can rely on support from technology and at the same time always considering the uniqueness of each patient.

There is a higher demand for authenticity. Advertisers companies are going to have to be more authentic if they want to attract more customers. As far as new business goes, new upcoming startups should focus on specializing on one product and deliver it flawlessly.

“New startups should choose one thing, work ward on it, and do it really well”, said Henry.

Everybody wants to do it all and the delivery is not always that great. The recommendation is to start simple and make a really good product, that adds value to the market. Big companies, on the other hand, should be focusing on making a “real” application for their products. With all the talk around big data and gadgets, health tech companies should focus on bringing the real value of digital to deliver a good product, that would really improve people’s life.

Digital should be used on a more effective way to really help its users and doctors. Like these new solutions that are being created by real patients, who have a problem and go way and beyond to fix it and help others. “This is a trend that I would love to see more next year”, shared Henry.

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