Who we are

Mandorla is a unique digital marketing company specialized in providing solutions to the healthcare industry, principally in Latin America. At Mandorla, we take great pride in helping companies and organizations with excellent digital marketing.

What does “Mandorla” mean?

At Mandorla, we believe that communication is in everything we do. This idea is reflected in our name and logo, which comes from the flower of life. The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol that reflects how everything in this life is interconnected, illustrated by a series of overlapping circles. The overlap between two circles is called "Mandorla" and is defined as: "To enter the Mandorla is to go beyond the 'wants ..., or ...' to think, even beyond the ideas of common interest or commitment, to stay in the tension of opposites long enough for something new to arise. In the space of the Mandorla, the total truly produces something greater than the sum of its parts, opening the doors of possibility, discovery and creativity. " - H. Lawrence Bond in Nicholas of Cusa

What we do best

We specialize in creating digital marketing and communication solutions that is customized to your needs and situation. That means that all the proposals we make, are created because we truly believe, they are vital to advancing your business. "At Mandorla, we like to think that everything truly produces something greater than the sum of its parts, opening the doors of possibility, discovery and creativity ...". What does all this mean in a daily routine? It means that before we start working, we make sure we understand where your company is, how it works, and what needs to be changed before we suggest the best possible solutions.

Talent Incubator

Mandorla is also a talent incubator. We seek, identify and guide talents in the art of excellent digital marketing. In our experience, large corporations have in many cases excellent marketing teams with many years of experience. However, this is often not the case in digital marketing. They know that they need to act more in the digital field, but they do not necessarily know how to do it. How do we know this? Because we also work in this industry. In other words, there is a need for a new generation of digital marketing professionals, who don’t only know how to convert traditional marketing into digital platforms, but who also have the ability to think digital. Want to join our team? Everyone with talent has a chance at Mandorla. The only thing we ask of you is to be dedicated, trustworthy and willing to learn! Send us your CV at mail@mandorla.co


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